I recently met up with Jamie Gripton, Founder and CEO of nakd water.  We enjoyed a few hours at my favourite Piccadilly corner shop www.fortnumandmason.com (a first time visit for Jamie, who loved it), sipping a delightful Pouilly Fuissé and snacking on charcuterie and cheese in Fortnums wine bar before finishing off with a coffee in the ice cream parlour.  A real mix of business and pleasure –  rather naughty on a school day but it’s only once in a while…

Jamie Gripton : Founder & CEO nakd water

Jamie Gripton : Founder & CEO nakd water

Naturally, we tasted some nakd water too (one of the very first bottles landed in the UK) and chatted about the merits of still or bubbles and how a really good water fits into life.  After all, we think nothing of ordering our favourite NZ wine in a restaurant, so why not the best artesian NZ (maybe the world…) water to go with it?

We were wowed by the selection of bottled waters already available at Fortnums and look forward to the day when (who knows?) nakd may join its hallowed shelves!

Ideas on Food is looking forward to working with Jamie and the nakd team from June.


Why go nakd?


Like jumping naked into a beautiful cool lake on a hot summer’s day…

Just arrived in the UK straight from The Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, nakd is one of the softest waters in the world. It delivers a delicious and decadent drinking experience and is one of the purest and pristine artesian waters available. Destined for top retail stores, restaurants and hotels globally, it is already receiving accolades for its taste and design.

nakd water is said to begin its journey at the Antarctic. The vapour travels across the ice-cold South Pacific Ocean before falling as rain, high in the Raungaehe Ranges. From here it seeps below the surface of the earth where it undergoes a 50 year natural filtration process through the Matahini Ignimbrite (a porous volcanic rock that organically enriches the water). It then collects 1000 feet underground in the Otakiri Artesian Aquifer.

Rich in revitalising minerals like silica, low levels of nitrates and a balanced alkalinity, nakd helps balance out the acid in our diets and increase oxygen flow, leaving behind nothing but refreshment and a good feeling about life.  It’s like jumping naked into a beautiful cool lake on a hot summer’s day!

Bottled at the source, untouched until the seal is broken, nakd is a clean, fresh and natural luxury artesian water: nothing else. www.nakdwater.com