Need some words?


A picture tells a thousand words but words are important too!

Good photography, coupled with the right words, really enhances the quality and memorability of your marketing collateral. From web content and social media to packaging, flyers and brochures, every word and image you present to customers has an impact on their perception of who you are and what you do. Words can make or break your brand and impact on your sales success too.

That awful moment when you see a typo on your lovely new brochure!

We’ve all read marketing materials that just don’t get the message across – or worse, are full of literal mistakes or poor grammar. Wasted effort, wasted expense – and usually avoidable.

Whether it’s a case of expertly proof-reading and editing your existing marketing copy or starting from scratch with a whole new tone, personality and content, Liz has the experience to help, with an obsessive attention to detail.

Liz has worked successfully with a number of clients to get their written and visual look just right – that leaves them free to get on with what they do best … making amazing products and looking after their customers. Perhaps that sounds like something you’d like to be free to do too? She also regularly write for Dorset Magazine.

Sometimes finding the right half a dozen words is the toughest

It’s often product names and straplines that are the most challenging to create – limiting the description of what you do to just half a dozen words is tough.

Most big brands use memorable straplines as a key marketing tool. Sometimes only someone ‘looking in’ to your business can offer the independent creativity required for name and strapline generation – that’s where we can help.

Not in food or drink?

Liz’s experience is not restricted to food and drink. She has successfully written marketing content for hotels and tourism, retail and e-commerce, business services and associations, hair and beauty, coaching and training, exhibition services and much more. Essentially, if you’re struggling to find the right words to describe what you do, then just ask!

How much does it cost?

Liz is a member of The Professional Copywriters’ Network. This means she works to writing fees agreed by the profession as fair. Therefore clients know they are being charged a rate that is recognised in the industry. Please see The Pro Copywriters’ Network for more information.